The future of real estate management relies on data.

In 2019, the IREM® Foundation identified research as a key strategic priority. As an organization that values providing access to resources, we're excited to expand our research initiatives through the J.T. Aveni Center for Research, to advance the impact that real estate managers have on the buildings where we live, work, shop and play.

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The IREM Foundation in action

The J.T. Aveni Center for Research will award up to two, $10,000 grants in 2023 to fund studies that support data-driven decision making in real estate management.


Funding research in sustainability through Elaina’s Sustainability Fund


Research helps IREM adapt their educational offerings to ensure real estate managers have the knowledge to take on today’s challenges


Research over the years

The IREM Foundation published its first Real Estate Management Office Study in 1983 and continued publishing valuable standards and guides throughout the next decade.

1988 – First Valuing a Property Management Company study, updated in 1998 and 2008, summarized the latest trends in valuation of real estate management firms helping IREM members understand and benefit from the valuation process.

1990 – Before Disaster Strikes, updated in 2012, was designed to be a guide and resource for real estate managers as they create the emergency procedures plan and develop the procedures manual for the properties they manage.

2002 – Preparing for Terrorism: A Property Managers Guide was a response to the shock of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and served to best equip real estate managers to handle topics ranging from protecting tenants, to staff training to cyber-terrorism.

Apply for funding.

  • Up to two, $10,000 research grants are available annually to members, non-members, students, researchers, academic institutions, associations, government agencies, corporations, or other individuals or organizations that have the means and ability to provide valuable research in the real estate management field.

  • Research proposals will be evaluated on the criteria below:


    •Alignment with IREM Foundation strategic priorities

    •Likelihood of success

    •Number of people impacted, i.e., real estate managers, residents, tenants

    •Demonstrates forward thinking and “curious” approaches to existing challenges

    •Clearly illustrates data points and metrics to track successful outcomes

    •Illustrates ways in which the program/initiative will foster engagement

    •Offers visibility for the Foundation

  • Submit a request online.

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Featured spotlight

The study on the implementation of IREM’s Certified Sustainable Property Program (CSP) aims to provide real estate practitioners and policymakers with a better understanding of IREM’s CSP program and serve as the starting point for more in-depth research.

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Featured spotlight

The IREM Jobs Analysis is critical to the development of IREM certifications. The research report details the tasks most critical to a real estate manager’s job and includes a self-evaluation that managers can use to rate their own skills.

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