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The IREM® Foundation is committed to recognizing, supporting, and celebrating real estate management professions who identify as part of an underrepresented population through a variety of programs. Whether through funding grants, awarding scholarships, or hosting events, the Foundation is a proud supporter of diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts that enhance the industry and our communities everywhere. Read about some of the programs we fund below.

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The IREM Foundation in action

Diversity Scholarship

Kaci Hancock, CPM®, ACoM earned three Diversity Scholarships which helped her earn her ACoM in 2009 and CPM® in 2018. She now serves as IREM's DEI Advisory Board Chair as well as an IREM Foundation Board member. Kaci is committed to helping others grow by actively mentoring emerging real estate management professionals, and she continues to pay it forward by raising funds that advance DEI in the industry. In just two years, Kaci has raised more than $10,000 in support of DEI initiatives through the IREM Foundation.


DISI Leaders

Diversity and representation are so important in the workplace. When people see leadership that represents them, they know they can achieve high levels of success. One of the most rewarding things about the work I’ve done as a DEI advocate and IREM DISI Leader is watching the change happen right in front of our eyes. - Samantha Thornton, CPM®, ARM® - 2021 DISI Leader



Students at 262 schools throughout 39 states have explored careers in real estate through Career Opportunities in Real Estate (CORE) workforce development certificate program. Participants average three coaching sessions and 25 hours of learning each during their time in the program. 92% of participants report a heightened interest in real estate careers as a result of participation. The Foundation is a Founding partner of CORE.


What is IREM doing?

We recognize that everyone in the real estate management profession has a voice and a place within IREM. We must honor the diversity of our community. It’s our commitment to provide value that makes a difference in the lives of all stakeholders.

The Diversity Scholarship provides tuition assistance for IREM certifications and more

Roughly 30% of scholarship recipients identify as belonging to an underrepresented population. The diversity scholarship covers tuition assistance for up to three courses, and includes assistance for additional leadership and education opportunities such as IREM’s Fast Track fees, and Leading a Successful Property Management Company. In 2021, the Foundation Board of Directors voted to dedicate a minimum of 20% of scholarship funds to the Diversity Scholarship.

Partnering with IREM to fund the Diversity and Inclusion Succession Initiative

The DISI program recognizes underrepresented individuals in the real estate management industry who want to excel in their career. Applicants are members who have served in a leadership role and are committed to diversity in the workplace and in the real estate management industry. Participants receive mentorship, education, and a grant to attend the annual IREM Global Summit. Learn more.

Grant funds support DEI through partnerships

The Foundation dedicates grant funding to support the work of IREM and other inspiring organizations working to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in the real estate management profession, such as Career Opportunities in Real Estate Management (CORE), from the University of Alabama’s Center for Real Estate. We’re invested in their mission to introduce 100,000 young people of color to real estate careers by 2030.

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  • • Non-profit organizations, municipalities, educational institutions, companies, or individuals may apply for grant funding.

    • Requests for funding must demonstrate a charitable nature as defined by the IRS and may be awarded for programs/initiatives that include research, next gen engagement, maintenance and tech development, professional development, recruitment from underrepresented populations or other avenues for addressing these objectives.

  • • The Foundation will consider requests for both new and existing programs when and existing program may benefit significantly from additional funding.

    • Grant recipients must submit a report within one year of receiving funding that outlines the outcomes of the grant.

  • Submit a request online.

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Featured spotlight

Meet the 2023 DISI Leaders selected as outstanding leaders in their local communities and committed to diversity in the real estate management profession.

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Featured spotlight

The IREM Foundation Diversity Scholarship supports individuals who identify as belonging to an underrepresented population by providing financial assistance for certification courses, and IREM’s BDM603 course designed for Executive CPMs.

Featured spotlight

The Foundation and NAA Education Institute hosted career fairs which connected over 1,000+job seekers with 60 employers looking to hire diverse talent throughout the US.

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