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Insights into the implementation of IREM’s Certified Sustainable Property (CSP) program

Prepared for and funded by Elaina’s Sustainability Fund and the IREM Foundation

Erin A. Hopkins, PhD December 2021

The IREM CSP program helps to fill in the green property management framework gap by creating a standardized process to implement green property management practices and services. Ten best practices, based on interviews that were conducted for this research study, are put forward that should be helpful for owners, managers, and related parties during the planning and implementation of IREM’s CSP

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IREM Jobs Analysis: A tool for assessing real estate management talent (eBook)

This research is critical to the development of our certifications—the Certified Property Manager (CPM®), Accredited Residential Manager (ARM®), and Accredited Commercial Manager (ACoM). The report details the tasks most critical to a real estate manager’s job and how those tasks vary by IREM certification, organization type, job function, and property type. We’ve also included a self-evaluation so that you can rate your own skills.

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