Planned giving

Thousands of charitable organizations are helped each year by bequests. Bequests, gifts of life insurance and gifts of IRA assets provide future funds for charitable organizations like the IREM Foundation. Learn more

This was an easy decision for me. IREM has provided me with life changing experiences that go beyond the IREM educational opportunities. I’ve made lifelone friends. Being able to leave an estate bequest to the Foundation that may change someone else’s life...priceless.

If you have named the IREM Foundation as a beneficiary in your estate plan, or if you are making plans to do so, please let us know by completing this Estate Intention Letter.

Thank you to the following IREM members who have made provisions in their estate plans to benefit the IREM Foundation:

  • Raymond Baca, CPM®
    Malcolm W. Bates, CPM®
    William E. Borsari, CPM®
    Edward H. Boudreau, CPM®
    Robert O. Click, CPM®
    Douglas F. Collins, CPM®
    Jo Anne Corbitt, CPM®
    Chip Crumpler, CPM®
    James A. Evans, CPM®
  • Dawn E. Ford, CPM®
    John N. Gallagher, CPM®
    Kenneth Goodacre, CPM®
    Emily C. Goodman, CPM®, ARM®
    Cheryl A. Gray, CPM®
    Shawn P. Harvey, CPM®
    W. Alan Huffman, CPM®
    Elizabeth H. Machen, CPM®
    Victoria R. Parmentier, CPM®

  • Beverly A. Roachell, CPM®
    Russell C. Salzman, CAE, IOM
    Michael B. Simmons, CPM®
    E. Craig Suhrbier, CPM®
    Robert B. Toothaker, CPM®
    Deborah Westphal, CPM®, ARM®
    Mary W. Wilken, CPM®

In memoriam:

John H. Windsor III, CPM® 

Robert K. Beal, CPM® 

Eugene J. Burger, CPM®