Impact Stories

Beal Legacy Scholarship recipient Tasha Rush is celebrated as an inspiring IREM chapter volunteer.

Name: Tasha Rush

Chapter: IREM® Chicago Chapter
Current Membership: ARM®
Member since: 2019
Impact: Beal Legacy Scholarship recipient

Her story

Starting in the real estate industry as a housing inspector, Tasha found success because of her passion for working with people and making everyone around her feel comfortable. She’s always enjoyed helping others so when she was offered a position as an assistant manager at a senior apartment complex, she jumped at the opportunity, knowing she could have an even deeper impact.  Soon after she started, she was introduced to IREM and obtained her ARM.  In 2019, Tasha was inspired to start her CPM® journey and looked to the Foundation for financial assistance along the way to help her meet her goals. Since that time, Tasha has continued taking courses and has served on several IREM committees both within the Chicago Chapter as well as on a national level, including being appointed to the 2022 DEI Advisory Board. Not only is Tasha pursuing her professional goals by working toward her CPM certification, but she’s making the world a better place by volunteering and giving back to those in her community and in the industry.


"Volunteering has given me great pleasure knowing I’m a part of a collective whole, making an impact, and that I am essential in moving the mission of IREM & the Foundation forward."

Our impact:

To support Tasha as she continued to work toward her CPM, the Foundation has been honored to award her two scholarships throughout her education journey, a Donald M. Furbush, CPM® Scholarship and one of the very first Robert K. and Gladys M. Beal Legacy Scholarships, launched in 2021. The Beal Legacy Scholarship is awarded to IREM members who demonstrate both merit and service by volunteering with their local chapter. We’re proud to be part of Tasha’s professional journey and she continues to make a difference in the community and real estate management industry.

Scholarship recipient inspires others to pursue their own CPM path.

Name: Carron Fillingim

Chapter: IREM® Louisiana Chapter
Current Membership: CPM candidate
Member since: 2020
Impact: Donald M. Furbush, CPM® Scholarship recipient

Her story

By the time Carron was in her 30s, she had already been through two rewarding careers in two different industries but found herself looking for a new path. She answered an ad for position in real estate management and hasn’t looked back ever since. She became involved with her local IREM Austin chapter and wanted to pursue her CPM certification but hesitated to move forward, worried about the cost. That’s when she applied for a Foundation scholarship.


"Once I obtained the IREM Foundation scholarship, it truly lit a fire in me and gave me the confidence I needed to sign up for my first courses."

Our impact:

With the additional financial help of the Donald M. Furbush, CPM® Scholarship, Carron set a goal to complete one course a month for 4 months straight, and she did it! Her path also inspired her peers to apply for scholarships and begin their IREM and CPM journeys. Now in her new home of New Orleans, Carron looks forward to continuing her IREM education, with the help of the Foundation, and reaching her goals.

Financial freedom with a Foundation scholarship fast-tracked this recipient’s dreams.

Name: Maya Ramirez

Chapter: IREM® Orange County Chapter
Current Membership: CPM®
Member since: 2015
Impact: Donald M. Furbush, CPM® Scholarship recipient

Her story

Mayra Ramirez was at a crossroad in her career as an Assistant Property Manager. She wanted to expand her knowledge of the industry and explore new career opportunities, but she didn’t have the financial means to do it. Her employer at the time would only fund one educational class per year so she was stuck on an 8+ year path toward her dream of earning her CPM certification – until she discovered and applied for an IREM Foundation scholarship.


"From the beginning of my journey until today, I have received a 70% increase in compensation directly correlated to my CPM certification dream. A dream that would not have been possible to achieve so quickly without the IREM Foundation scholarship."

Our impact:

Mayra was awarded a Donald M. Furbush, CPM® Scholarship which allowed her the financial freedom to take charge of her career goals and earn her CPM certification in just three years! She is now a leader in her local IREM chapter and hopes to pay it forward by working with local universities and students to promote IREM and the mission of the Foundation.